Safety Measures

Here at Catalyst Counselling, we have been working behind the scenes in order to return gradually to seeing clients face to face. We have conducted a risk assessment, and we are Covid compliant. 

Return to counselling at the centre is an ongoing choice for both the client and the counsellor. If you feel comfortable coming into the centre, we are beginning to see clients there starting on 13th July 2020. 

We ask that if you have any symptoms that may be Covid-19 related that you do not come to the centre. These symptoms include a high temperature, a persistent cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell, diarrhoea or vomiting, and physical aches or a headache. 

When you come into the centre, we have some Covid Safety measures in place. If you are returning, you may notice some changes. For your own and everyone else's safety: 


• We ask that you arrive at your appointed time, and not earlier, as there will be no waiting facility in the building
• Please use the hand gel provided in the lobby before pressing the bell and entering the main building
• You will be let in remotely, so please do ring the bell
• We ask that you let yourself into and out of the counselling room, rather than the counsellor opening the door for you
• You may notice that chairs have been spaced further apart and chairs may have been changed
• We will, unfortunately, not be able to provide water, routinely, so we ask that you bring your own
• You will be asked to place any payment in an envelope which will be provided in the room
• Wearing a face mask will be optional, for both yourself and your counsellor, and can be discussed with your counsellor