Open Mynd

"Open Mynd" is a new dynamic wellbeing project that combines training and therapeutic interventions developed by CATALYST to support local people who face difficult and complex circumstances. Individuals referred into the project are over 25, have been unemployed for more than a year and are potentially struggling to manage issues of anxiety, depression or stress.

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The project is initially being piloted in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, with a focus on improving individuals' wellbeing and life skills, and outcome measurements to demonstrate improvements in self-esteem, self-confidence and optimism. Delivered principally in partnership with East Coast College’s Norfolk Community College Network, it is part of the "Building Better Opportunities" Programme which aims to support people make the most of employment, volunteering, educational and training opportunities open to them.

Catalyst activities centre on psycho-educational workshops (small groups) and time limited counselling (one to one), with participants able to access either or  both as they wish/prefer.

The title "Open Mynd" summarises the purpose and structure of the project:

‘OPEN’: for those people who for various reasons find that the possibilities of new opportunities in life seem closed, or that their sense of optimism always seems distant and unattainable.

The project will help people to think about themselves, their communities and their potential in new, creative and imaginative ways; and to be open to the possibilities and challenges of change.

‘MYND’ stands for Me, You and Do. The four training workshops will provide participants with (mainly!) fun and interactive training in:

Me: (Week 1) Being mindful - thinking about how to cope better with stress and things that hold us back from realising our potential.

You: (Week 2) Mind-mindedness and looking at interpersonal skills.

Do: (Part 1- Week 3) Being aware of "stuff" that has happened, including changes, losses and difficulties in the past that may have led us to where we are now; and helping us to be more compassionate with the selves that we have become.

Do: (Part 2- Week 4) What we can do to change things - "Psychological First-Aid" and "Five Ways to Wellbeing". Thinking about moving on and actively seeking support from other people and groups on the next steps in life. Looking at hopes and fears about getting into the world of work and re-engaging more positively in social life.

The project will measure outcomes using recognised metrics with the potential to provide the option of follow up sessions with participants and longer term outcome assessment.

If you would like to find out more about the Open Mynd Project, register an interest in attending, discuss how to refer people onto the project or any of the other services we provide, then please phone or email us for more information.