DIT - Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

DIT - Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

DIT is a brief (16 sessions) psychodynamically and interpersonally oriented intervention.

The focus of the work is on the clients relationships (internal and external) as they relate to the problem(s) in their current life, and how these give rise to symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

The presenting symptoms of anxiety and depression are understood to be responses to interpersonal difficulties and/or perceived threats to attachments, and also as threats to the self.

These threats can both result from, and cause difficulties in thinking clearly and realistically – not only about the external world but also about the internal world i.e one’s own thoughts, feelings and experiences of self with others.

The two main aims of DIT therapy are:

  1. To help the individual understand the connection between their presenting symptoms and what is happening in their relationships.
  2. To help the individual improve their ability to cope with current attachment related interpersonal threats and challenges.



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